Hi, I'm Nick.

I'm a Designer living in Toronto, Canada and after connecting with so many amazing visual artists from all around the world, not to mention fielding many generous requests for tutorials, I decided to make LIIFT LEARN.

It hasn't been long since the first time I opened up After Effects and Cinema 4D. Since then I've found myself creating graphics for big television shows, the national news, feature films and a slew of other things.

So, here at LIIFT I'll be posting an ongoing series of tutorials focusing on the most frequently asked questions I receive about my work and design.


Work is underway. Until then...


S I G N   U P   F O R   N O T I F I C A T I O N S


As a final footnote to everything thus far...


This is truly happening directly because of the amazing people that have been so kind as to think I have anything valuable to teach. My hope is that this can grow into something that's an even greater two-way street! And with that being said, I would absolutely love to see every single one of you sign up to show interest in LIIFT LEARN becoming a reality.


Your response will truly form what this becomes.